Scanning Services For Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Digitizing

Law enforcement agencies are relying on the use of scanning services to help them access and store important documents and police records. Law enforcement has found scanning services to be particularly useful in dealing with documents stored on paper, microfilm and microfiche. With our state of the art scanning equipment and software, these documents can be quickly converted into digital files and made searchable for easier access. Additionally, all law enforcement agencies are concerned about the image deterioration of their film-based documents after many years of use and storage – thus the urgency to digitize their data.

Microfacs has been in this industry since 1987 and has the capabilities and experience to help any law enforcement departments digitize their processes.

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Microfilm/Microfiche for Law Enforcement

Microfacs utilizes SunRise Apollo microfilm/microfiche scanners to scan microfilm around the clock. We have the capacity to scan over 800,000 images per day, and have scanned over 1.5 billion images to date. With our experience and knowledge of this industry, we provide the highest quality image possible from all different types of media. This includes paper, 16mm microfilm, 35mm microfilm, along with jacketed microfiche, step-and-repeat microfiche and C.O.M. microfiche.

Our microfilm to image digitizing services allows you to convert your microfilm or microfiche to a variety of image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, JIF, Greyscale, PDF and searchable PDF.

Aperture Cards for Law Enforcement

Our 100% Hollerith-compatible card-reading devices enable numerical indexes to be generated on demand, and our automatic software can produce one free of charge. Retrieval of physical index data can also be done, the retrieval of which will additionally be priced individually. To find out more about our card reading and index conversion services, speak to us today.

Scanning Services for Law Enforcement Agencies

Microfacs offers quality scanning services at a reasonable price. We can help you with any kind of scanning services of a wide range of documents, including but not limited to:

  • Criminal Records
  • Dossiers and Sensitive Documents
  • Personal Records
  • Court Documents and Much More!
  • HR files!

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Because of our attention to detail, competitive pricing, and quality
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Providing quality services in the image and document conversion industry since 1987, Microfacs is the easy solution for your next digital conversion project.

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