Scanning Services For Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry and Digitizing

As insurance companies transition from paper and microfilm-based organizations to digitally based. Digital scanning services allow for the conversion of paper, microfilm, and microfiche into digital forms, making them far easier to access and manage. Additionally, all insurance industries are concerned about the image deterioration of their film-based documents after many years of use and storage – thus the urgency to digitize their data.

Listed here are the various benefits that scanning can provide for insurance agencies, as well as how to go about choosing the right scanning service provider – MICROFACS.

Microfacs has been in the digital scanning industry since 1987 and has the capabilities and experience to help any insurance industry digitize their processes.

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Microfilm/Microfiche for Insurance Industry

Our scanning process aims to create the maximum security when safeguarding your original copy. Your project will be logged in and verified with your master inventory list. Image quality is repeatedly inspected before, during and after the scanning procedure. Then your original media and the digital output images are carefully packed and returned to you.

Our microfilm to image digitizing services allows you to convert your film to a variety of digital image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, JIF, Greyscale and PDF and searchable PDF.

Aperture Cards for Insurance Industry

Our card equipment is fitted with Hollerith code, and our standard software automatically generates digital indices at no extra charge. Manual indexing of the cards can also be done if the cards are not punched, and this can be arranged to be priced on a case-by-case basis. Our card reading to digital conversion services are offered to interested parties.

Scanning Services for Insurance Industry

Microfacs offers quality scanning services at a reasonable price. Not only do we feature the services above, but we can help you with any kind of scanning and digitizing of a range of items:

  • Accounting Documents
  • Policies/Claims
  • Life & Health Insurance Documents
  • HR Documents
  • Personal Data and Purchase History
  • Agreements, Contracts, and Much More!

Microfilm Scanning Case Study for the Insurance Industry

Microfacs recently started a major microfilm scanning project for a large insurance company based on the east coast. The project consists of scanning policies, claims and certificates dating back over 57 years. There are over 65,000,000 microfilm images to scan. The microfilm will be digitized to a searchable PDF format using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

This project will help the insurance company manage claims and policies more efficiently as vital information contained in the insurance policies and claims can immediately be retrieved. This gives the claims processor quick access to critical information needed to communicate with the insured.

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Providing quality services in the image and document conversion industry since 1987, Microfacs is the easy solution for your next digital conversion project.

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