Converting to Digital

16mm, 35mm Microfilm and Microfiche

Microfacs is equipped with the imaging industry’s finest equipment and software specializing in the conversion of microfilm (both 16mm and 35mm), microfiche (both 16mm and 35mm jacketed fiche in 42x, 48x and 105x com microfiche), aperture cards (with the Hollerith Code which enables us to index off that code, or without the code), paper, and large format drawings into digital images.

Additionally, we can transform digital images such as PDF,TIFF and JPEG files into other formats.  Our experienced staff operates SunRise scanners on a 24-hour basis to quickly turn around your digital conversion project—on time and on budget.

We provide value-added bar coding, OCR-optical character recognition, Bates stamping, and data entry indexing services. We typically deliver TIFF Group 4,JPEG, PDF, or text delimited files to our customers. Microfacs delivers virtually all industry standard image formats on CD disks, DVDs, and via secure electronic FTP transfers or web accessible interfaces.

For very large jobs, some of our clients have preferred to get their data back on an external portable hard drive at no additional charge.

We possess the flexibility & capacity to convert the spectrum of jobs from small to the large complicated conversions. Historical contracts have ranged from 1000 images to tens of millions of images.

Case study on digitizing records for insurance industry

Enhance Your Image:
Microfacs has complete Software Image Enhancement available to give you the best image possible.

Our expertise is unmatched and our service includes:

  • Speckle removal
  • Edge enhancement
  • Cropping
  • Density compensation
  • Image rotation
  • Automatic skew correction

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