Digital Image to Microfilm

Digital Image to Microfilm

Microfacs has the expertise and the equipment (Kodak Archive Writers) to convert your digital images back to 16 mm and 35mm microfilm.

Many city, county, and state government departments are now being required to have an eye-readable 16mm microfilm backup copy of their records, in addition to having these documents in a digital format.

Microfacs has a full line of digitizing services that can also convert microfilm to digital.

While scanning microfilm to a digital format is proving cost effective and secure for many organizations, some are also choosing to transfer digital images back to microfilm. So why would an organization convert an image back to microfilm?

Some people don’t find digital storage as trustworthy.    After all, computers can crash, get corrupted, hacked or infected with malware, all of which could potentially compromise digital files.


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