Scanning Services For Counties and Cities

Manufacturers and Digitizing

Scanning services for municipalities and cities are important tools for the efficient management of data. With advances in technology, scanning services have become a reliable way to store and retrieve critical information. These services use microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards as digital storage media. Each of these technologies offers unique advantages that make them suitable for different kinds of data. By leveraging the benefits offered by each of these technologies, municipalities and cities can benefit from increased efficiency and improved security when managing their data.

MicroFacs has been in this industry for decades and has the capabilities to help any manufacturing industry digitize their processes.

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Microfilm/Microfiche for Counties

We use industry-leading, state-of-the-art SunRise roll film scanners on a 24/7 basis with a capacity of scanning 800,000 original photographs per year and already over a billion images scanned at this time. This process allows the greatest possible safety in handling your original film. We log your digital conversion as part of production.

Our microfilm to image digitizing services allows you to convert your film to a variety of image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, JIF, Grey Scale and searchable PDF.

Aperture Cards for Counties

Our card reading equipment employs Hollerith code, and our industry-standard software can automatically generate a digital index at no charge. Manual indexing of the cards can also be done if the cards are not punched, and these services will be priced on an individual basis. For more information on our card reading to digital conversion services, get in touch with us.

Scanning Services for Counties

Microfacs offers great-quality scanning services at a reasonable price. Not only do we feature the services above, but we can help you with any kind of scanning and digitizing of a range of items:

  • 11×17 Drawings and Blueprints
  • Tax Documents
  • Accounting Documents
  • Agreements, Contracts, and Much More!

Aperture Card to Digital Case Study

Microfacs recently completed a very challenging project for the North Platte Public School System in Nebraska. The school system consists of one high school, two middle schools and ten elementary schools. The project was to digitize and index all past student records going back to the 1940’s.

There were over 481,000 records in both aperture cards and microfiche that were stapled together. The first challenge was that the aperture cards had to be processed on a different machine than the microfiche. As a result two separate data bases were created that had to be matched and merged. The second challenge was there were different kinds of fiche and aperture cards resulting in multiple set up and machine configurations. Overall the project required very meticulous attention to detail and organization to ensure that all records matched correctly.

These records are now stored in pdfs that are indexed by name and social security number. The project took a little over 6 weeks to complete, with the North Platte school system having a more efficient and secure data storage system for its student records.

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