Outsourcing Partnering

Outsourcing Partnering

photo-outsourcingwlogoWork with Microfacs as your outsource partner or subcontractor for digital scanning services:

  • It gives you another revenue center by extending your service offerings
  • NO cash investment for sophisticated machinery you may never use again
  • Expands the services you can provide to your clients. It jump starts you into the digital world. Quickly.
  • No training of staff on one time projects
  • Profitable jobs with no overhead

We can either work jointly with you and your client or behind the scenes as an extension to your internal capabilities. The majority of our projects are being done without the client ever knowing that Microfacs provided the digital scanning services. Other projects have been handled with three way calls and coordination between the outsourced partner, end client and Microfacs.

Microfacs can act as a subcontractor during the following emergencies:

  • Equipment failure
  • Overflow work
  • Completing large projects on time

By joining the many other satisfied Microfacs Joint Venture Partners, you can now tackle any project that comes up. Microfacs will help in any way regarding marketing these digital scanning services to your dealers, your regional sales reps, and/or clients.

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