Microfiche Scanning Services

All types of microfiche including jacketed and COM, can be converted into various digital image formats by our state-of-the-art digital conversion equipment. With our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week facility, Microfacs has the capability to convert even the largest of scanning jobs. Whether your microfiche is 42X, 48X or 105X COM, 16mm, 35mm and 105mm Jacketed, 35mm or 105mm fiche Step and Repeat, your job will be done on time and within budget.

Our indexing services include: manual data entry and coding, searchable optical character recognition (OCR), forms processing, document determination, Bates numbering and stamping, image processing and printing, plus bar coding.

Reasons to use our conversion services:

  • Digital files are easier to store, retrieve or transport. One can email files, or load them up to an ftp site.
  • Once converted your documents can be securely retrieved.
  • Microfiche needs to be read with specialized equipment that takes up space and requires maintenance.
  • Once stored in digital format the cost of document management drops dramatically.
  • With our high speed conversion equipment, the cost of converting your microfiche is less than you think.
  • Scanning and converting your microfiche is one of the best investments you can make to assure long term management and storage of your documentation.

Our production process is designed to provide the utmost safety with regards to handling your original fiche. Your job is logged in with the production manager; Quality controlled before, during and after the scanning process. The finished job is carefully packaged and sent back to you with your originals. For more information on how we perform microfiche scanning please contact us.


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