Non-Destructive Bound Book Scanning

Microfacs offers bound book scanning services at high quality and affordable pricing. This service is ideal for large books or books that are in a fragile condition. Large bound books of sizes up to 18″ x 28″ can be scanned with great image quality to all four corners of the book. Our scanning technology includes the Indus 9000 book scanner that allows us to rapidly scan books without damaging the spines of thick books. The Indus 9000 is one of several scanners that Microfacs uses to scan books.

Microfacs will convert your bound book paper to a digital format. Output formats include TIFF, JPG and PDF including searchable PDF OCR. Images or PDF documents can be black and white, grey scale or color. Microfacs can scan to resolutions of 200,300 and 400 dpi to get the best image possible. Books dating back to the 1850’s have been scanned without damage.

On Site Book Scanning Service

Microfacs can scan books in its clean, secure facility or Microfacs will come out to your business and scan your documents on site, thereby eliminating any possibility of damaging or losing your books due to shipping and handling. This service is especially valuable for highly sensitive documents or where additional handling is a concern.

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Some ideal applications include:

  • Large historical documents
  • Old text books
  • Government books
  • Large Manuals
  • Books in fragile condition

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