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Microfacs consistently delivers on time and most importantly, on budget.

Architectural – Engineering – Manufacturing – Aeronautics
Businesses in the architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industry rely on irreplaceable data currently stored on aperture cards or large format drawings.
If you’re in this industry, you need a dependable, accurate scanning partner that can create the digital image files needed to migrate to a fully digital environment.

Accounting – Human Resources – Law Firms – Financial Institutions
These types of industries are required to keep large volumes of information accessible for indefinite periods of time. Microfacs can provide a compact, safe alternative to current storage solutions. Additionally, our auto-indexing software and windows-based reader can dramatically increase research of thousands of documents from CD-ROM or hard drive. Microfacs has the experts to process litigation support services, payroll archiving, accounting data backup, and much more.

Education Institutions – Insurance Companies 
Transcripts, research papers, and policy number history must be accurately archived and quickly retrieved. Microfacs has a variety of solutions for these industries.

Newspapers – Historical Societies
Microfacs has the expertise to assist these industries in their long-term goals.

Government Agencies – Land Titles and Deeds – County Recorders – Birth or Death Certificates – Police Records
Any pertinent data can be found quickly after Microfacs scans and indexes your data in a confidential environment.

Your industry not listed?
Assuredly, Microfacs has the solution for any industry, any type of record, any type of output.

Personal Records
Not a business? Microfacs can provide any type of scanning or archiving services for any size project.

Our Clients seek conversions for a wide range of reasons:

  • Physical space saving: an alternative to bulky storage
  • Easier retrieval of key documents
  • Customer service operation improvements
  • Preservation of “fragile” or deteriorating documents
  • Disaster back ups of critical documents
  • Electronic preservation of signatures, notes or other “non-electronic” markings on documents
  • Reduce records-retrieval and filing department staff.

All choose Microfacs for the best service, quality and pricing in the industry.

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