Is Your Digital Data Safe from Cyber Attacks?

Is Your Digital Data Safe from Cyber Attacks?

The best defense against a cyber attack is to have nothing to defend.   In other words, if your documents are kept in non-digital eye-readable format, hackers can’t get to it.

Cyber Attacks are occurring in unprecedented numbers and the trend should continue to increase.  Read this article on cyber attacks.  Ransomware is a real threat to health care organizations, financial institutions, schools, government agencies and other groups.   Ransomware is where a hacker gains control of your digital records and make them “inaccessible” by injecting a virus.  This essentially shuts down the operation.  The hacker demands a payment in order to remove the virus.   Some organizations are refusing to make payments and are relying on IT resources to remove the virus; others are relenting and paying the ransom.  In some cases even after paying the ransom, the virus is not removed.  In any case, being a victim of ransomware is extremely disruptive and expensive.

Many organizations are now creating “eye readable” archival microfilm copies of digital files, either as a back up or as the main storage medium.   By having a non-digital back up of records, an organization can mitigate the threat of ransomware.

Microfacs can rapidly convert your digital records to microfilm at a surprisingly low cost.     We will gladly work on any size project, from “hundreds” to “millions” of records.  Request a Quote today to get pricing on converting digital images to microfilm.

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