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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1987,  our Midwestern work ethic is our most important asset. We believe any job doing is worth doing right. Our philosophy has always been to work harder than anyone, keep overhead low and surpass the customer’s expectations. We will out work and out price anyone in the industry.

Microfacs specializes in digital conversion of documents and images from an original format to various file types and formats. With our vast inventory of state-of-art high resolution Sunrise scanning equipment and our experienced staff, Microfacs has made a specialty to convert microfilm, microfiche, paper, large format drawings and aperture cards to an affordable, digital format. We also can convert virtually any paper source document or image into a wide variety of outputs given the diversity of our conversion equipment and image software capabilities.

Microfacs also provides a full line of indexing and coding services enabling you to quickly retrieve your data after it has been scanned. Additionally, Microfacs offers the service of taking TIFF,JPEG and PDF images and converting them back into 16mm microfilm and 35mm microfilm, sizes ranging from 81/2 x 11 to E size drawings.
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Our clients are in many different industries: school districts, law offices, county and state governments, Fortune 500, insurance companies, financial institutions and more.

Document Conversion Company

Additionally, Microfacs provides quality equipment for duplicating, faxing, scanning or retrieving documents at our clients’ location. Service calls and maintenance plans are available to help keep your company running.

Microfacs is a long-standing member of three prominent industry organizations and is an approved vendor of the Federal Government through the GSA program:
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