Aperture Card Scanning for the Federal Government

Microfacs just recently completed an onsite aperture card scanning project for the Federal Government. The project involved scanning over 140,000 cards that included aperture cards and slave data cards. The holes in the data card contained digital information relating to the description and naming of the drawings and structures.

The information on the cards was drawings and documents relating to thousands of bridges and structures throughout the upper Midwest. Putting these cards on a digitized and indexed format allowed easy access to information that could be used to help assess and track candidates for bridge or structure inspection and repair. The data cards are obsolete as a form of information storage.

Microfacs also created a spread sheet containing 10 different fields of key information on the documents. This allowed searching for documents using multiple search criteria.

According to infrastructurereportcard.org, there are 607380 bridges in the United States and the average age is 42 years. It is estimated that over 10% of these bridges are rated structurally deficient. Currently 12.8 billion dollars is spent annually for bridge repair. While many are advocating for more money spent on bridge infrastructure, the number of structurally deficient bridges has trended downward.

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